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THE GENESIS PODCAST The Art of Impact: Understanding

domestic violence through an artist's lens

THE CREATIVITY POST The Power Of The Other Hand Project: Art (and Science) against violence towards women.

KSAT:COM International art exhibit in San Antonio portrays real domestic violence survivors


I'm not taking credit for this, however, it looks like there are cartoon versions of me taking over the NFT world!


PSYPOST  New research identifies a cognitive mechanism linked to reduced susceptibility to fake news 

RAI Italian National TV Newton il cervello creativo

Story TANK France TV  Interview with  TONY GRISONI and VINCA WIEDEMANN

GIOVANNI LUCARELLI'S INTERVIEW Intuizioni creative: intervista a Carola Salvi (1° parte) 

GIOVANNI LUCARELLI'S INTERVIEW Intuizioni creative: intervista a Carola Salvi (2° parte) 

WEBMD The Virus Within: How Misinformation Made the Pandemic Worse

AVVENIRE Scienza e coscienza È questione di lampi di genio


THE CREATIVITY POST Coronavirus ‘Infodemic’: Fear Causes Misinformation Spread, More Rigid Thinking


THE WASHINGTON POST Why solving puzzles feel so satisfying, especially during a quarantine

BBC Por qué da tanto placer completar un rompecabezas (y por qué no son una pérdida de tiempo, como algunos creen)

FORBES Elon Musk Not First Original Thinker To Harness Creative Power Of Nothingness

LISTENER IN OUR RIGHT MIND by Kate Evans. Listener Download here.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY Where Our “Eureka!” Moments Come From by Christopher Bergland

NEW YORK TIMES Eureka? Yes, Eureka! 

TGS NORTHWESTERN Spotlight on Carola Salvi: Postdoctoral Fellow and Avid Photographer 

REDBULL TV The science that makes escape rooms so difficult

HUFFINGTON POST The Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals? How They Solve Word Puzzles     

HUFFINGTON POST Experts Say Liberal And Conservative Brains Are Wired Differently  by Erin Shumaker

TIME.COM Try This Unbelievably Easy Productivity Hack.

OPRAH.COM Why Science Says You Should Trust Those Aha! Answers

THE DAILY BEAST Liberals and Conservatives Solve Problems Differently 

TECH TIMES Researchers Show Liberals And Conservatives Really Do Think Differently 

EUREKALERT  Conservatives and liberals do think differently

PAGINA 99 Quello sguardo nel vuoto che precede il lampo di genio

NORTHWESTERN NOW Conservatives and Liberals Do Think Differently, by Hilary Hurd Anyaso

OGGI SCIENZA Fidatevi dei vostri Eureka!, è probabile siano giusti  by Eleonora Degano

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY Eureka! Deconstructing the Brain Mechanics of "Aha!" Moments by Christopher Bergland

PACIFIC STANDARD Liberals and Conservatives Solve Problems Differently by Tom Jacobs

NAKED SCIENCE Редкие моменты озарения оказались продуктивнее долгих логических размышлений  

MEDICAL DAILY Science Of Epiphanies: When Problem Solving, It May Help To Trust Your Gut RatherThan Think Analytically  

DECCAN CHRONICLE Trust your ‘aha!’ moments 

PSYCH CENTRAL “Aha” Moments Are Usually On The Money PsychCentral

SCIENCE DAILY Trust your aha! moments: Experiments show they're probably right Science

EUREKA ALERT Trust your aha! moments, experiments show they're probably right EurekaAlert!

DREXEL NOW Trust Your Aha! Moments, Experiments Show They’re Probably Right  by Frank Otto

Warum wir Geistesblitzen vertrauen sollten Warum wir Geistesblitzen vertrauen sollten

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Study Says 'Aha!' Moments are Better Than Deep Thinking 

AAAS Trust your aha! moments, experiments show they're probably right

PSY POST Your aha! moments, experiments show they’re probably right 

THE PSYCHONOMIC SOCIETY On being a black rain cloud: Looking and thinking outside the box 

FONDAZIONE UMBERTO VERONESI Cosa fa scattare nel cervello un lampo di genio

ASSOCIATION FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE On being a black rain cloud: Looking and thinking outside the box


NORTHWESTERN NOW A Look Behind the Creative Process 

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